Monday, February 20, 2023

Daily Devotion: The Holy Spirit and Gifts, Pt 1

Bible Reading:  Romans 12:4-21 

Key Verse: Verse 6 - Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith;”

Key Words: Having then gifts differing

As you read verse 6 through verse 8, you see the seven gifts of the Spirit.  Each is useful, and in order for the church to function as a unified body, all seven gifts are vital.  There are none more important than the other, and none less important than the other. 

Prophecy focuses on truth, while ministering focuses on being a servant to others.  The gift of teaching focuses on learning, while exhortation focuses on motivation.  The gift of giving focuses on meeting needs, rulership focuses on overseeing and organization, and mercy focuses on compassion.  Each gift is important in the operation of the church.  There are no big I’s and little U’s.

A talented organist in the days before motor-driven or electric organs gave a magnificent concert in which the big pipes on the organ sent forth glorious and thunderous tunes.  After people finished congratulating the organist, the little fellow who had worked with all his might at the bellows remarked, “We did pretty well, don’t you think?”  The organist scornfully replied, “And what did you do?” giving the young lad no credit at all.  Sometime later during another concert, the organist came to the stormy passage that required all the wind the bellows were capable of producing.  But instead of a great thunderous sound, the organ began to fade away.  The organist signaled for more wind.  Instead the little fellow pulled the curtain aside and said, “Is it I or is it we?”

Every gift is needed.

What to do:
✞ Use your gift for God’s glory.
✞ Understand that every gift is important.
✞ Remember though, the gift was given to you through the Spirit, so thank God for it.



The Holy Spirit

We may hear choice preachers
 Expound God's written Word,
 But, unless the Holy Spirit teaches,
 It's as though we'd never heard.
 He gives light to darkened hearts,
 And sight to blinded eyes,
 And the precious Truth He imparts
 Is eternally realized.
 He never speaks of Himself
 As He functions here on earth,
 But draws lost souls to Christ,
 Repentance, and new birth.
 He's the One sent by our Lord
 To comfort, teach, and Guide,
 Entering our hearts at salvation
 Forevermore to abide.
 He's the third person of the Trinity,
 Equal with the Father and Son;
 Each have different functions,
 Yet, our God is One.
 The Holy Spirit can be blasphemed,
 Rejected, quenched, and grieved;
 Or He can be heard and followed,
 Submitted to, and received.
 Father, help us to depart from evil,
 And all known sin,
 As we learn to listen to The Holy Spirit-
 Your still, small voice within.

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