Monday, November 7, 2022

Daily Devotion: The Right Persuasion

Bible Reading:  Romans 8:34-39 

Key Verse: Verse 38“For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,” 

Key Words: I am persuaded

Paul was convinced that no one and nothing could keep God from loving him.  That included dying, living, angels, principalities, powers (authorities), things present, things to come: heights, depths, nor any other creature could separate us from God’s love for us.

            As a matter of fact, Paul tells us in verses 35-37 that knowing that God loves us will keep us close to Him.  I guess you could say that Paul had the right persuasion.  It was the love of God that caused Paul to stay out of the pits of despair and depression during adverse times.  When we focus on God’s love for us, it can motivate us to accomplish things that others think are not possible.

            I am reminded of a story I heard about a man who was taking a late evening jog.  On his way home he decided to take a shortcut through a large cemetery.  In the darkness of the night he did not see a freshly dug grave and fell in.  For the better part of an hour he struggled to climb out.  He tried every conceivable maneuver but could not escape.  Finally, he resigned himself to curling up in the corner and waiting for morning.  Within the next thirty minutes, another late night jogger suffered the same fate and fell into the same grave.  He tried to quickly climb out but fell down on his first attempt.  The first jogger then put his hand on the shoulder of the other man and said, “You can’t get out.”  But he did.

            Now the moral of the story is this - you would be surprised what you could do if you had the right persuasions about God.

What to do:
    ✞ Keep yourself in the love of God.  This is done by focusing on what God has done for us.  (Jude 21)
    Always remember - God never does things to us; He   allows things for us.
    Practice compassion.  (Jude 22)
    Be a soul-winner and a servant of Christ (vs. 22-23).

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