Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Daily Devotion: Good For What Ails You

Bible Reading:  Proverbs 4:14-27 

Key Verse: Verse 22 - “For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.”

Key Words: health to all their flesh

I do not know what ails you, but God’s Word is certainly a good medicine.  I read the following story which illustrates this point.

A lady, who tells the story herself, went to consult a famous physician about her health.  She was a woman of nervous temperament, whose troubles – she had many – had worried and excited her to such a pitch that the strain threatened her physical strength and even her reason.  She gave the doctor a summary of her symptoms, and answered his questions, only to be astonished at this brief prescription at the end of his diagnosis:  “Madam, what you need is to read your Bible more.”

“But, doctor,” began the bewildered patient.

“Go home, and read your Bible an hour a day,” the great man reiterated, with kindly authority.  “Then come back to me a month from today.”  And he bowed her out without a possibility of further protest.

At first this patient was inclined to be angry.  Then she reflected that, at least the prescription was not an expensive one.  Besides, it certainly had been a long time since she had read the Bible regularly, she reflected with a pang of conscience.  Worldly cares had crowded out prayer and Bible study for years; and, though she would have resented being called an irreligious woman, she had undoubtedly become a most careless Christian.  She went home and set herself consciously to try the physician’s remedy.  In one month she went back to his office.

“Well,” the doctor said, smiling as he looked into her face, “I see you are an obedient patient, and have taken my prescription faithfully.  Do you feel as if you need any other medicine now?”

“No, doctor, I don’t,” she said honestly.  “I feel like a different person.  But how did you know that was just what I needed?”

For answer, the physician turned to his desk.  There, worn and marked, lay an open Bible.

“Madam,” he said with deep earnestness, “if I were to omit my daily reading of this Book, I should lose my greatest source of strength and skill.  I never go to an operation without finding help in its pages.  Your case called not for medicine, but for sources of peace and strength outside your own mind, and I showed you my own prescription, and I knew it would cure.”

“Yet I confess, doctor,” said his patient, “that I came very near not taking it.”

“Very few are willing to try it, I find,” said the physician, smiling again.  “But there are many cases in my practice where it would work wonders if they only could take it.”

What to do:
✞ When you are bruised spiritually, when you are wounded emotionally, when you are ill physically, try God’s Word as a medicine.

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