Monday, June 6, 2022

Daily Devotion: E - Evangelism

Bible Reading:  Acts 4:13-22

Key Verse: Verse 20 – "For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard.”

Key Words: For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard

Paul Harvey once said, “We’ve drifted away from being fishers of men to being keepers of the aquarium.”  How true!  In today’s world there is little to no evangelistic effort taking place.

I lived in my former house for almost twenty-seven years and no one – I repeat, no one – ever knocked on my door and asked, “Are you saved?”

How about you?  When is the last time that someone handed you a gospel tract and told you about Jesus?  Or even better yet – when is the last time you handed out a gospel tract and told others about Jesus?

Every Saturday evening for over forty years a servant of God stood on a certain street corner handing out gospel papers to the passersby; and then he stopped.  Discouraged because he saw so little fruit, he abandoned his post.  Some years later he happened on the spot and a young man stood there and gave him a gospel tract.  He stopped, and addressing the young man, he said, “How is it that you are here tonight?”  “Well, sir, it is like this.  An old man occupied this corner for years; I was saved by means of a tract he gave me.  Evidently the old man is in heaven now for I’ve missed him here, and so I am seeking to fill his place.”  Tears filled the eyes of the older Christian as the young man thus spoke.  “I am the man who gave you that tract,” he said, “and by the grace of God I mean to stand my place until Jesus comes.”

Maybe you are one that some time back was a faithful witness for the Lord.  Today would be a great time to begin afresh and anew.
What to do:
    ✞ Remember, friends don’t let friends die without Jesus.
    ✞ Remember, unsaved people are not the enemy; they are victims of the enemy.

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