Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Daily Devotion: A Life of Faith

Bible Reading Genesis 22:1-14

Key Verse: Verse 2 – “And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of.”

Key Words: offer him there for a burnt offering

I define faith as “taking God at His Word, in spite of my feelings, circumstances or consequences – I do what God’s Word says.”

Now I readily admit, that is not always easy.  I must confess if I were Abraham in this situation, it would not be easy to obey; but Abraham, acting in faith, proceeded to do as God had commanded, knowing that a righteous God would do right.

So let me ask, how are you doing in the battle of living by faith?

Many of us need to be more like the little girl whom the farmer found lost in his meadow.  The farmer said to her, “Do not cry; I’ll take you home.”

The little child snuggled up to him, and with a smile, said, “I knew you would; I was waiting for you.”

 “Waiting for me?” said the man.  “What made you think I was coming?” 

“I was praying you would,” she said. 

“Praying?  When I first heard you, you were saying A B C D E F G.  What was that for?” 

She looked up again and said, “I’m just a little girl.  I was praying all the letters of the alphabet and letting God put them together the way He wanted to.  He knows I was lost, and He knows how to put them together better than I do.”

When G. Campbell Morgan was a young Christian he used to visit several elderly ladies once a week to read the Bible to them.  When he came to the end of Matthew’s gospel, Morgan read, “Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the age.”  He added, “Isn’t that a wonderful promise?” 

One of the ladies quickly replied, “Young man, that is not a promise.  It is a fact.”

What to do:
✞ Make all of your decisions based on God’s Word – not on your feelings, circumstances or apparent consequences.

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