Saturday, March 12, 2022

Daily Devotion: Before Twenty-One

Bible Reading: Matthew 5:1-9

Key Verse: Verse 3 – Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Key Words: Blessed

In his book, Happiness Through Creative Living, Preston Bradley recalls the results of a poll which had been taken among experienced Armed Forces personnel.  The older group, though still youthful, replied to the question: “What things do you wish you had known before you were twenty-one?”  The ten most common responses were:

1. How I was going to make a living.

2. That my health after thirty depended to some extent on what I put in my stomach before I was twenty-one.

3. How to take care of money.

4. Habits are hard to change after twenty-one.

5. The commercial asset of being neatly and sensibly dressed.

6. That worthwhile things require time, patience, and work.

7. That the world gave me about what I deserved.

8.That a thorough education not only pays better wages than hard labor but it brings the best of everything else.

9. The value of absolute truthfulness in everything.

10. That my parents weren’t old fogies after all.

Now, let me give you my ten things that I have learned in life.

1. To put God first.

2. That it’s better to burn out with God than to chill out with the world.

3. That my decisions in my youth do determine, to a great extent, my destiny on the earth.

4. That we do reap what we sow.

5. That marriage in God’s will is of the utmost importance.

6. That freedom really isn’t free.

7. That failure doesn’t have to be final.

8. That a true friend is forever, and there is no friend like Jesus.

9. That real success only comes through hard work.

10. That grandchildren are really grand.

What to do:
✞ Write down ten things you’ve learned from life.

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