Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Daily Devotion: A Part of the Ministry

Bible Reading: I Thessalonians 5:14-28

Key Verse: Verse 25 – “Brethren, pray for us.”

Key Words: pray for us

The key to having a heart for missions is totally throwing yourself into mission work.

A man I met spoke intimately of a certain section of China; he mentioned specific towns and villages, certain missionaries in various stations and the names of Chinese pastors. I asked when he had been in China, and he replied that he had never been there. Years before, his college roommate had gone there as a missionary; they had corresponded regularly, writing once a month, and he had spent a great deal of time praying for his friend. He marked on maps the trips his friend described in his letters. He dotted his map with marks identifying churches and chapels; he memorized the names of believers about whom the missionary wrote. He supported the work with his gifts, sent special sums for special needs, helped to educate some of the young men of the region and daily lifted his heart to God in prayer for what had become his ministry as well.

So let me encourage you to make missions a part of your daily life. Make it a ministry to minister to the missionaries.

What to do:

Pray for Frank and Joan Jones to Mexico.

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