Thursday, November 26, 2020

Daily Devotion: Be A Witness

Bible Reading: Luke 24:36-49

Key Verse: Verse 48 – “And ye are witnesses of these things.”

Key Words: And ye are witnesses of these things

Did you witness to anyone last week? Do you understand the supreme importance of being a witness for the Lord?

Mark J. Goodger made it a weekly practice to hand out tracts from door to door. One day in South Carolina he stopped at a house and rang the bell. Because he heard sounds inside, he knew someone was home; so he kept ringing, even though no one came. Finally a man appeared, took the tract he offered, and rudely slammed the door in his face. A week later, Goodger returned to the same house. This time the man answered almost immediately. Inviting him in, he asked him to come to the attic. There he saw a sturdy rope dangling from the rafters with a box below it. The man said, “Friend, when you rang my bell last week, my head was in that noose. I was ready to jump! But you were so persistent that I decided to go down and see who it was. After receiving your tract, I read it because its title interested me, and through it God spoke to me. Instead of jumping off that box, I knelt beside it and gave my heart to the Lord.” How thankful Goodger was that he had been diligent in his witnessing! Without that leaflet the man would have gone into eternity unsaved.

Everyday souls are literally at stake. Beginning today, dedicate yourself to being a missionary for God. Witness daily!!

What to do:

Pray for our missionaries: Matthew and Sachiyo Starin to Japan.

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