Thursday, July 9, 2020

Daily Devotion: A Biblical View of Our Economy

Bible Reading: Haggai 2:1-8

Key Verse: Verse 8 - “The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts.

Key Words: The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, saith the LORD of hosts.

The word economy comes from two Greek words meaning to manage the household.

During Bible times, economics would have been the managing of your time, talents, temper, and tithe. But over a period of time, economics became associated solely with finances.

Today there are just under three hundred nations that make up all the countries that we call “the world.” Of the almost three hundred nations, just about all or approximately 95% operate financially “in the red.” Did you know that when it comes to indebtedness, America leads the way? Right now we are told that in order for America to be debt-free, every family in America would need to pay $81,000 to the U. S. Treasury Department. Now, while you may be able to write your check, I’m afraid I’m a few dollars shy.

The whole point of this is that we are led to believe that it is the economy of a country that makes it strong. Not so!!! There are three Biblical things that make a nation strong.
  1. Its relationship with Israel (Genesis 12:1-3).
  2. Its reverence for God (Psalm 33:12).
  3. Its righteousness (Proverbs 14:34).
I believe we would all agree that America is the strongest nation on the earth – certainly not because of our economy, but because of our relationship with God and Israel. If we ever part ways in these two areas, America will become a poor nation indeed.

What to do:
✞ Pray for America and its leaders.
✞ Pray for the peace of Israel.

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