Friday, May 1, 2020

Daily Devotion: From My Heart

Bible Reading: Psalm 25

Key Verse: Verse 2 - “O my God, I trust in thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me.

Key Words: O my God

David is speaking directly from his heart when he says, “O my God;” but as you read the psalm it’s easy to see that David is in the midst of turmoil.

In verse 15 he is in a dilemma, and in verse 16 he is desolate, in verse 17 he is distressed, in verse 18 he is defeated, and in verse 19 he is defenseless; but he cries out to God to deliver his soul.

With that being said let me speak from my heart. The Covid-19 virus that we are facing is a sample of the pestilences of the last days. It’s a clear picture that man has no absolute answers for what this world is facing. So it will be in the tribulation (Matthew 24:7). The Lord is giving us a glimpse into the future and what is in store ahead. We are seeing that the people will fall in line with what government orders for them.

Now with that being said some have questioned and wondered if our church should have not continued to assemble together saying God will protect us. I agree that we serve a God who can and does protect; but we also serve a God that gives discernment, discretion, and wisdom. If I jump off the top of a ten story building saying God will protect, you would say that I am foolish and I would agree because God gives us “common sense” enough to know better than that.

During this virus our church decided to go to online services; it has caused us to stretch our thinking beyond what we thought was possible. We have developed ministries that we would have never even thought of had it not been for the Covid-19 virus. We have reached people in parts of the world that we would have never reached before the virus outbreak. Don’t misunderstand, I long to assemble together because that is what the church is- an assembled body of believers- but until that time comes I thank God for the ability to continue to present the Word and share the gospel.

In closing this devotion let me add we did not close because the government told us to. We made our decision to go to online school and services before our President and our Governor decided that we should. We will open up again not because of politicians but because we are led of the Lord to do so.

Yes, God can protect. Part of the way He protects us is by giving us discretion, discernment, and wisdom. We all would do well to use it because that is the way God protects as well.

What to do:

✞Stay safe by using good old common sense.

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