Monday, December 16, 2019

Daily Devotion: Indecent Exposure

Bible Reading: Proverbs 7:1-10

Key Verse: Verse 10 – “And, behold, there met him a woman with the attire of an harlot, and subtil of heart.

Key Words: attire of a harlot

If you were to read Matthew 7:12, you would read about “soft clothing” or the dress of a homosexual. In Proverbs we read about the “dress of an harlot.” The point is that our dress identifies our lifestyle.

So what is your dress style saying about you? Let me give you ten reasons for having a Godly dress standard.
  • To glorify God (I Corinthians 10:31).
  • To show my submissive spirit to the Scriptures (I Timothy 2:9).
  • To show your moderation (Philippians 4:5). “Let your moderation be known unto all men.” The word moderation carries the idea of appropriate. What you wear to a ballgame isn’t appropriate for church, weddings, or funerals. Dress appropriately where you go.
  • To show that Christ is first in your life (Romans 13:14).
  • To be an example to others (II Timothy 4:12).
  • To show that I have no desire to conform to this world (Romans 12:2).
  • To keep people from looking at me inappropriately (Psalm 101:3).
  • So that others can see Christ through my “dress style” (Matthew 5:16).
  • So that I can give account to God as to how I dressed with joy and not fear (II Corinthians 5:10).
  • To honor my pastor. Dressing immodestly shows that you do not honor your pastor (Hebrews 13:7).
Carl Schmidt, who is the Student Minister/Director at Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, California, tells the following.

“Not long ago I was with my family strolling through an open shopping area when we happened upon a new bowling alley that served lunch to your lane. We needed lunch and bowling sounded fun, so a few moments later, we were bowling, eating, and making some great memories. It wasn’t until we were leaving that I noticed a large sign at the entrance explaining the dress code. I read this sign in disbelief.

“The rules were as follows: No sweatshirts or sports jerseys, no jogging pants or jumpsuits, no MC colors, no hats or headgear, no baggy clothing, all clothing must be neat and clean, no long shorts, no boots, no long or baggy T-shirts, no sleeveless shirts, and no solid color T-shirts. Wow! All that just for bowling!

“In closing, think about that bowling alley. Somebody there really respects that environment. When it comes to dress – do you care as much about honoring the Lord as they do about bowling?”

What to do:
✞ You will never go wrong by dressing decently.

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