Sunday, November 17, 2019

Daily Devotion: Wrong Words

Bible Reading: Proverbs 15:1-7

Key Verse: Verse 1 – "A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger."

Key Words: grievous words stir up anger

How we respond to others who are angry, in all likelihood, will determine if we have war or peace.

The wise man knows how to use knowledge so that it shall be for profit. He also knows when to speak and when to be silent. The fool is always ready with a retort, whether it be fitting or not.

In Gideon’s answer to the men of Ephraim we have a precious example of the soft answer that turneth away wrath, and the wisdom that uses knowledge aright.

As a husband and wife drove together down a highway, they noticed a mule. The husband looked at his wife and said, “There goes one of your relatives.” She replied, “Yeah, I know…by marriage.” No doubt now the war of words is on.

It’s always wise to make your words tender…for tomorrow you may have to eat them.

What to do:
✞ Use soft words. They are much easier to swallow.

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