Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Daily Devotion: Conflict Is Coming

Bible Reading: Nehemiah 4:1-8

Key Verse: Verse 8 - "And conspired all of them together to come and to fight against Jerusalem, and to hinder it.

Key Words: and to hinder it

Nehemiah wants to build the wall around Jerusalem. Sanballat and others have their idea of the Jews building the wall. Conflict is coming.

My over forty years in the ministry has taught me that there are times, no matter how hard you may try, that conflict is inevitable. With Nehemiah he was facing one of those times.

H. L. Mencken was a newspaperman and magazine editor in the first half of last century. His critiques of American life often drew letters expressing outrage and indignation. He answered every critical letter and handled each one the same way. Mencken simply wrote back, “You may be right.” Peace settlements start with the acknowledgement that the other party “may be right.”

But what do you do when you’re facing one of those times in which you genuinely cannot say, “You may be right”? The answer to that question is found in verses 14 and 15. You prepare for the confrontation and pray for God to intercede…at least that’s what Nehemiah did and he is a pretty good example to follow.

What to do:
✞ Be prepared for the confrontation but pray for peace.

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