Friday, October 19, 2018

Daily Devotion: Three Times A Day At 91

Bible Reading: Colossians 4

Key Verse: Verse 2 - "Continue in prayer, and watch in the same with thanksgiving;"

Key Words: Continue in prayer

Several years ago, Mrs. Flooie Cassel, ninety-one, wrote an article describing the various ministries she conducts for the Lord from her room in the nursing home. One was that of prayer.

“Missionaries give me prayer requests which I remember before God’s throne three times a day. This practice began a number of years ago at a women’s missionary meeting. We had a speaker who talked about tithing our time as well as our money. That evening I knelt and asked the Lord how much time I should spend in prayer. He definitely told me three hours a day. I began spending one hour each morning, afternoon, and evening in prayer.

“But then I got very busy with child evangelism classes, giving demonstrations on the use of flannelgraph material, speaking at women’s meetings. I began to slip up on my prayer time in the afternoon. Soon I was too ill to speak or teach.

“I had heard a sermon on how Daniel waited twenty-one days to learn something from the Lord. So I began waiting for the Lord to reveal to me why I was no longer able to draw upon ‘His supernatural strength for my supernatural tasks’ as Dr. A. B. Simpson so ably expressed it.

“After several nights of waiting on the Lord in prayer, I understood. The Lord said, ‘I will not let you teach again until you get back to your three hours a day in prayer.’

“I asked forgiveness for my neglecting prayer and promised, with the help of the Holy Spirit, never to forget this important lesson. Now in my ninety-first year, I still have this ministry of prayer three times a day.”

All of our busy-ness is useless without prayer.

What to do:
✞Continue in prayer. If you haven’t started a daily prayer schedule, do so today.

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