Friday, August 4, 2017

Daily Devotion: The Why of Questioning God

Bible Reading: Exodus 5:15-23

Key Verse: Verses 22– “And Moses returned unto the LORD, and said, Lord, wherefore hast thou so evil entreated this people? why is it that thou hast sent me?"

Key Words: why is it that thou hast sent me?

There is a distinct difference between asking God a question and questioning His decisions. Moses was questioning the decision of God to send him to free the people, yet God had not freed them and Pharaoh continued to treat them badly (verse 23).

So let me ask you: have you ever questioned God? The Jewish leaders questioned God. See Malachi 1:6-7; 2:17; 3:7-8.

The Pharisees questioned Jesus and asked His disciples why He ate with publicans and sinners.

Martha questioned Jesus as to why He was not there when they needed Him (John 11:21).

We question God when we fail to understand what God is doing. We feel as though God has forsaken us. But need I remind you of the words of Abraham when he asked, “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?”

Some years ago, forty-two to be exact, I was in an accident and doctors told my family I would not live, and if I did, I would never walk again. Needless to say, the doctors were wrong in both cases; but I will confess to you, the “learning” to walk again was tough. It became a daily drudgery trying to walk and having to do painful exercises. At one point, I did ask God why! Why did You bring me to this place in life? How can I serve You if I can’t walk? How can I be used if I am in constant pain? How and why were the two questions I asked continually. Now, looking back on it I can see that God wasn’t doing something to me but for me. It helped me to be more compassionate toward others. It let me see people from a different perspective. It helps me appreciate daily each step and breath I take.

So when you are prone to question God, remember God isn’t doing something to you, but for you.

What to do:
✞ Remember, God doesn’t do things to us, but for us.

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