Friday, June 16, 2017

Daily Devotion: Great Sorrow

Bible Reading: Genesis 3:1-19

Key Verse: Verse 16 – “Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee."

Key Words: greatly multiply thy sorrow

Sin always leads not just to sorrow, but great sorrow.

Have you ever heard a mother weeping over a wayward child? That’s great sorrow. What about a child weeping over a mom and dad who are divorcing? That’s great sorrow. What about a mom and dad standing before a casket with their little child inside? That’s great sorrow. What about a family learning of a loved one who has a deadly disease? Oh, the sorrow that floods the soul! It’s not just in these areas; anytime you find sin, you’ll find great sorrow standing by its side.

A great bar of steel weighing 500 pounds, 8 feet in length, was suspended vertically by a small chain. Near by, a common cork was suspended by a silk thread. The plan was to show that the cork could set the steel bar in motion. It seemed impossible. The cork was swung gently against it, but no sign of movement. It was done again and again, until at the end of ten minutes the bar gave evidence of uneasiness; a slight tremor was noticed. At the end of half an hour the great bar was swinging to and fro like the pendulum of a clock.

Sin will move you, but it’s always to a place of great sorrow.

What to do:
✞ Remember, the pleasures of sin you enjoy today will be the sorrow you weep over tomorrow.

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